Sally from Sage and Mac

I have always been a jewellery lover, and travelling on my OE I got inspired by all the different styles of jewellery I saw.  After returning home, getting married and having two children, I finally decided to use that inspiration. A workshop with a local jeweller and a night course gave me the basics and the oomph to launch Sage and Mac Jewellery.

I feel jewellery can help the wearer express who they are... Whether it be a stay at home super mumma (i know first hand how you can lose your identity in the chaos that is motherhood) or a working warrior woman ... or both, I want to help these modern day heroines show a little of their personality, express their inner goddesses and most of all have fun by wearing Sage and Mac Jewellery.

Each piece is designed by me, in my little home studio, (that should be our entrance hall!!) in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Treat yourself and enjoy!!

Sally xx

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