June 2017- HOW IT ALL BEGAN....

Welcome to my very first blog, on my sparkly new website.

I’m so happy you came.

This journey started for me five years ago, a seed was planted after a trip to the Nelson market while I was up there staying with friends. Later that year, I had my second baby, so that seed was shelved for another year.

I remember driving from Invercargill (home) to Te Anau to see a baby whisperer aka cranial sacral therapist. It had been a looong year with not much sleep but we were getting there. When I said to my husband that I wanted to start a jewellery business, he was completely down with it, bless him and his risk taking spirit.

I didn’t know anything about the jewellery making process but as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I felt I put it out to the universe and I was going to give it a bloody good go.

Then it was all about learning as much as I could because I was coming in blind. A workshop with a local jeweller and a night course in metalsmithing set me up with the basics and I was hooked.

I took finding a name for my business extremely seriously. It seemed to take forever, and it might be a bit cheesy but I love it… this is how I settled on Sage and Mac Jewellery. I’m Sally, my husband is Gerald (SA…GE), my maiden name is Anderson (AND), our last name is MacRae (MAC)…… TA-DAH! #cheese.

After that it was a matter of setting up my studio and getting to work.  My first ever market was a bit of a tester, it was at a local crafters market and in the first hour I’d had zero sales! I was convinced I was a failure but my husband rang and he said ‘don’t worry, we’re proud of you, and so should you be, you’re a success for just being there’ He’s such a shithead, he almost made me cry. I ended up having a great market, and that propelled me into this crazy, fun, amazing journey down the rabbit hole.

So here I am, almost two years later, always learning and evolving as a maker and as a business owner. I have a thirst for knowledge of all things jewellery, taking inspiration from strong women in history and mythology.

The essence of Sage and Mac Jewellery is empowerment of women, if they feel like a bad ass as soon as they put a piece on, that’s a win in my eyes.

Sign up below to be a bad ass and get the sweet stuff, like previews of collections and those all important discount codes.

So much thanks to you for stopping by!!


Sally xo

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