The plan was to write a blog about my new collection, Victorious. It was to write about my inspiration and the creative process. I would’ve liked to have told you that I planned the collection and executed it to the letter… but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is I sketched a whole heap of designs, and when I tried to make the pieces, nothing seemed to go right, I drew the collection three times and still nothing went right. I ended up throwing the sketch pad away and just got making with the inspiration you’ll read about soon at the front of my mind. I’ve learnt through this that that’s how I roll within my creative process, I’m not a good sketcher, so it’s basically free handed jewellery, if that’s even a thing.

This collection started with me being inspired by victory (obviously) the guts and glory that comes with it, and the strong, brave women in history and mythology that have been victorious.

But then it went beyond that. It went to Victoria or Vick, a divine being taken way too soon, at only 19. That was 20 years ago in May.  I’m not sure if the memory of her has become shinier with time, but she was awesome. I’ve taken inspiration from the person she was, her adventurous nature, her strength, her beauty, her tenaciousness, her fearlessness, but more from what she left behind, the unbreakable bonds of friendship and the strength in numbers when you’re feeling battered by life.

While I was making the collection, I couldn’t get the word ‘bond’ out of my head, and that is why the main element of the collection is the circle. The circles linked and joined together symbolise the bonds of friendship that can’t be broken. The battered circles symbolise the knocks you take through life, and they are what make you strong, beautiful and victorious.

This collection is the accumulation of two months of blood, sweat and tears… blood from sanding off part of my knuckles and cutting myself with a saw blade more times than I’d like to admit (this is wholly due to being a bit of an unco) sweat from the actual work, some of it quite intensive… and hot! And lastly tears, tears of frustration, tears of sadness and tears of joy.

Wear the Victorious Collection when mindset and belief are everything, when there’s victory to celebrate, when you want to give the universe a big ‘Farrrk yeah’, when you need to be reminded of the strength you have in you or maybe just when you wanna wear something striking and beautiful that makes you feel good.

This collection is the start of my small batch, limited editions with only 40 of each design to be made, so if you see something you love, just bloody buy it!

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